Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lap Blankets for The Chemo Bag Completed

Finished! One  Star Shell Crocheted Afghan using Red Heart Super Saver and Knit Picks Brava. The other was Lion Brand's 5 1/2 Hour Throw modified to a lap blanket. That one was crochet using Loops and Thread Yarn.

They will be taken tonight to my knitting group so that they can be delivered to The Chemo Bag. So happy they are finished and can be given to someone who can use them.


Monday, February 17, 2014

Falling Snow Shawl

And boy has the snow been falling! Yet another Valentines's Day storm in Pennsylvania. They day befor Valentine's Day we were the unhappy recipients of 17 inches of snow! What is a girl to do in a snow storm; crochet of course. The pattern for this shawl is Lion Brand's Falling Water Shawl. I saw it posted on Facebook the night before the storm and downloaded. I had Homespun yarn in my stash. I am NOT a fan of working with this yarn. However the end result is gorgeous! I love this shawl and have been using it since it was done! It is so warm!

Now I HAVE to get back to the lap blanket for The Chemo Bag! I need to get it finished before I do anything else!

Crochet create!

Hand Spun Scarf

One of the other fiber arts I enjoy is spinning. I use a bottom whorl drop spindle. This is my tool of choice because they can be made so easily and cheaply.  All you need is something round, a CD, wooden wheel from the craft store, a gemstone donut, or guitar sound hole cut out. Then stick a dowel  in the center whole using a grommet or epoxy to secure it. Then either insert a hook in the top of the dowel or make a notch at the top. For a couple of dollars and a little time you have a spindle. 

The yarn I used for this scarf was my fist attempt at spinning. Some is chunky, over/under spun, plied and singles. I am slowly getting better at this, but still working on consistency and thickness. 

The wool (pictured above) was then used in an experiment with dyeing.  I soaked it in water and vinegar, added some McCormick liquid food coloring and micro waved. 

I think I microwaved it a bit too long or handled it too much afterwards because it slightly felted, but was was still useable. 

I combined this wool with some alpaca I also spun to crochet a scarf.  The scarf is done in triple crochet using a J hook.

It is a very warm scarf! 

Happy crafting!

Lap Blankets for Chemo Bag

It has been a busy month! The monthly sock knitting has been suspended for February so I can get some of these projects done.

I've been working on two lap blankets for The Chemo Bag.  I have one completed. It was adapted from Lion Brands 5 1/2 Hour Throw. This one has 17 "V" stitches across rather than 19. I crocheted until it was long enough.  I used Loops & Thread yarn. I am pleased with the results. 

The second one is half-way done. I took a little break from it to work on two smaller projects.  I used the same Star Shell Afghan pattern I used for Pam's lap blanket.  For this one, when crocheting the bottom half of the shell, I crocheted in the back loop.  With Pam's I crocheted through both base loops. Crocheting in the back loop creates a "ridge" between sections.  I like both techniques.

The yarn for the burgundy and gray is Red Heart Super Saver. The dark and light blue is Brava from Knit Picks. Brava is softer of the two yarns and has a nice drape.



Monday, February 3, 2014

Lap Blanket for Pam

One of my co-workers will be having surgery in the near future. She lost her husband in February of 2013 and in February 2014 she has to have tumor removed from her small intestine. So I got a large Vera Bradley tote that our office will fill with goodies for her. I made her this lap blanket using Red Heart yarn.

It is in the laundry, which a plus of Red Heart. This yarn can be laundered repeatedly and holds up beautifully.  The pattern is the Star Shell Crochet.  This was my Grandmother's pattern of choice. She made these by the dozens and I have a pile of them! I love these blankets and I hope Pam loves it!

I got the idea from one of the Heartfelt Knitters, Nancy Bossert.  She requested that our group make lap blankets for The Chemo Bag, I thought the concept was a great idea and adapted to a bag for Pam.  Well now I need to get one, hopefully two, blankets for is wonderful organization!

Happy Knitting! Stay safe and warm! Just think of all these days we are getting dumped on by the snow gods as days to let the creative juices flow and enjoy!


January Socks

My first pair of toe up socks were completed January 31, 2014. The pattern is Short row toe and heel from "Socks From The Toe Up" by Wendy D. Johnson. After four attempts at the toe, I got the hang of the short row technique. But, alas, I did not measure my foot correctly and the sock was turning out way too big! So, five times the charm, I got it! I would be the last to say they are perfect, but I am pleased with how the turned out.  They are very warm! The yarn is Wildfoote Luxury Sock by Brown Sheep.

Coming soon...February's socks!

Happy knitting!