Tuesday, August 18, 2015

8/16/15 Solar Dyeing

The teal green dye from Saturday did not completely exhaust. So I add a little more dye..

Merino & Grey Alpaca

Purple on Merion & Salt/Pepper Alpaca. It didn't get as dark as I wanted and the purple "broke" a little. Happy with the results.

Lastly a bit of an experiment. I had a little Flamingo Pink, Brilliant Yellow, and Blazing Orange left. So I applied it in the bucket by pouring stripes of dye. I reused the dye bath water from the previous day. Apparently this was the Chartruese bucket and not all the dye exhausted. The Aplaca has spots of Chartruese. Love the results!

Merinno & Grey Alpaca

I do apologize for the picture quality. They are still on the drying rack and I have an injured wrist. I makes taking pics difficult. 



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