Sunday, July 12, 2015

Acid Dyeing Roving Take Two

Followed the same procedure as yesterday. I put a bit more fiber in each jar. I have one jar of tan/fawn alpaca, two jars of white alpaca, and four jars of the Corrie blend wool.

The sapphire blue still had white areas even though I stirred more often. I had to add another Tbsp or so more of the dye to the jar. I think the color will be through the roving now. I should have added the extra dye earlier for more even color.  The red and yellow have white areas and could have used more dye and better mixing.

Fire Engine Red, Caribean Blue, Sapphire Blue

Chartreuse, Brilliant Yellow, Flamingo Pink (on tan alpaca), Teal Green

7/11/15 & 7/12/15 dyeing.


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  1. You continually amaze me! I love what you've been doing with fiber art; you are the real deal. See you soon!